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Last updated on 29/11/2022 03:33 PM in Settings
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Tax Rates

  1. To add a new tax go to Settings -> Tax Rates -> Add
  2. Add a descriptive name (eg: “VAT@5%”) and specify the “Tax Rate%”

Tax Groups

  1. Sometimes you will need to apply multiple taxes to an invoice or purchase. So you should create tax groups by combining multiple taxes.
  2. To add a Tax Group – Click on Add Button, Give a meaningful name, and select the tax you want to use in this tax group.
  3. The tax rate of the tax group will be the sum of tax rates of Sub-taxes added.
  4. If sub-tax is edited the corresponding tax group’s tax rate will also get updated accordingly.
  5. You cannot delete a Tax if it is used in a Tax Group.

Disable Tax

  1. Don’t add Tax Rates in the settings
  2. Go to Settings – Business Settings.
    1. Uncheck “Enable inline tax in the purchase and sell
    2. Uncheck “Enable Price & Tax info
    3. Select “Default Sale Tax” as None

NOTE: If you disable the inline tax in the purchase and sell, the Price Inc tax column will not be shown in the POS screen.

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