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Selecting Customer

By default, there is a “Walk-In Customer”. You can search for a customer by name/customer id or phone number or can add a new customer by clicking the plus (+) button “Add Customer”

Searching & Adding Product

Enter the Product Name Or scan the barcode to search for the product. If multiple products are matched then it displays the drop-down of products and selects the product from it. Or if there is a single product then it directly gets added to the cart.

Changing Product Price, Tax & Discount for a product
After you add the products to the invoice, click on the product name to modify product price, tax & discounts

Selecting Lot number/expiry for a product
If the lot number/expiry date is enabled then it will show the option to select the lot number/expiry date

Cancel Sales

To cancel the sales click on the cancel button. Cancel invoices are not saved in the system, so no stock will 


To finalize the invoice, click on any of the payment options and save it

On save it will display an invoice printing option.

NOTE: For the invoice to print correctly – You can adjust the margin/scale as desired

A list of sales can be viewed from Sell -> List Sales

A list of drafts can be viewed from Sell -> Drafts

Drafts can be edited to make any changes

Express Checkout
 The Express Checkout button means the sale will be marked as Paid and the payment method will be cash. No separate payment screen will be displayed. The invoices print screen will display and you can print the invoice

Credit Sales

  • To sell on credit to customers you first need to add a customer that has a credit limit available or a customer without a credit limit.
  • Then on the POS screen,  after you select the sale products, you can click this button to make a sale on credit

Draft & Quotation

This is useful if you want to create a quotation before the sales

Marking sales as Draft or Quotations will not deduct the available stock

You can view all Quotations & Drafts from List Quotation or List Draft respectively. The existing draft/Quotation can be edited to make it as final sales

Suspended Sales

Suspend Sales means unfinished sale or hold Sale
Suspended sales stock gets deducted from available stock. You can view all suspended sales by clicking on the Yellow Color button present at the very top right of the screen

Some Use Cases of Suspended sales

  1. In a grocery store, if you have a suspended button, you can suspend a particular customer's sales and entertain another customer, when he comes back you can proceed with his sale
  2. In a Restaurant, you can suspend the order of customers if not yet paid, and finish it when they finish eating and paid their order, so you can proceed to final sales. You can put Table 1, Table 2, Table 3… so when they finish it’s easy to identify table 3 going to pay
  3. In the hotel, lots of customers check in stay for 2 nights, and order some food, and customers say, just charge to room 024. So you can suspend their orders and edit if there is some additional order and suspend again. Finally, it is when they pay their bills. on Hotel, on Reference Number: Room 009, Room 012

Card / Multiple Pay / Cash

  • Multiple Pay: Used when the customer wants to pay with different payment methods like some amount by card, some by cash, and some other payment methods. This option is also used when the customer doesn’t pay the exact tender amount and you need to calculate the Return Change
  • Card: Used when the customer wants to pay the complete invoice by card
  • Cash: Used when the customer pays the exact amount of the invoice in cash. If the customer pays less or more amount than the invoice amount then use Multiple Pay to get a change return

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